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March 2014 Archives

Chicago-area officers face repercussions for drug conspiracy

Last week, a Chicago-area officer was sentenced to 24 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges that he resold drugs he had confiscated from drug dealers during the course of his work. Two other officers were also charged for their involvement in the incident. All the officers were hit with felony charges, which included conspiracy, theft and burglary, and delivery of a controlled substance.

Former Bears wide receiver acquitted of marijuana charges

Readers may remember that 35-year-old former Chicago Bears wide receiver David Terrell was arrested last October on charges of that he smoked marijuana in public. In addition, he and two others were reported to have been seen with materials used for packaging and distributing narcotics.

Cell phone search legality an increasingly important issue

When it comes to criminal cases involving drug charges, the legality of police searches is an important issue defense attorneys look out for. While the rules police are required to follow are fairly well laid out, issues can arise from time to time, particularly as technology develops and officers have to contend with new or changed expectations of privacy.

Illinois drug-induced homicide law polarizes

In Illinois, not everybody agrees on how to deal with the issue of drug-induced homicide. Some advocate zero-tolerance for suppliers, whereas others say that the issue involves public health considerations, and that it isn't always clear cut--oftentimes the victim could have been charged as well. One of the outgrowths of the latter position is a law, passed in 2012, which shields those who witness an overdose from drug possession charges when they call 911. That law does not, however, protect witnesses from drug-related homicide charges. The tension between these laws is somewhat confusing until you realize different policies are motivating the laws.

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