Heroin sale charges/penalties can vary based on many things

Being accused of selling heroin has the potential to forever alter a person’s life. The penalties and reputation damage a person can be dealt if found guilty of such illegal drug conduct can be incredibly severe.

Thus, promptly contacting a defense attorney with experience in drug crime cases is something individuals accused of selling heroin should strongly consider. Such attorneys can assist heroin sale defendants in developing a defense strategy finely-tailored to their specific circumstances. Such fine-tailoring can be very important in heroin sale cases, as the little details in such cases can have very big effects. For example, the specific details of the allegations a person is facing can affect things as basic as what sort of charges and potential penalties they could face.

Here are some examples of things that can impact the charges/potential penalties in heroin sale cases here in Illinois:

  • How much heroin the defendant is accused of selling. Generally, the more heroin that was allegedly sold, the harsher the charges and potential sentences. 
  • Where the defendant is alleged to have sold the heroin. Being accused of having sold heroin in certain places can lead to a person facing more severe charges or more severe possible penalties. For instance, a person accused of selling heroin can face a class Y felony charge if the place they are alleged to have sold the drug is within a 1,000-foot radius of a school. Another example is that, if the place a person is alleged to have sold heroin is within 1,000 feet of a safety rest area or a truck stop, the person can end up facing double the penalties if convicted.   
  • Who the defendant allegedly sold the heroin to. If a person a defendant is alleged to have sold heroin to is a minor, the penalties the defendant could face if convicted are doubled. 

Source: FindLaw, "Illinois Heroin Laws," Accessed Nov. 6, 2014

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