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October 2016 Archives

Understanding computer fraud may be key to staying safe online

Few can argue that computers have changed people's lives for the better, connecting the entire world via a convenient communication platform as well as providing a boundless source of both information and entertainment. Along with the numerous benefits of computers, however, there are drawbacks, some so severe that they can endanger an Illinois resident's identity, credit score and overall safety. Those who use computers regularly should be especially vigilant about what they share online in order to avoid potential fraudulent use.

New Body Cameras Bring Yet Undetermined Consequences

In the wake of numerous publicized police shootings of civilian suspects, the public outcry has resulted in police officers in many cities being required to wear body cameras. These cameras record the actions of police officers as they respond to calls and conduct traffic stops. The Chicago police department began using body cameras at the beginning of 2015 in the Northwest Side Shakespeare District. There are now 2,000 body cameras spread across about a third of the city's police sectors. It was recently announced that the police department would expand their use. 

When prosecutors hide evidence during a trial

When a defendant in Illinois is first handed charges, the investigation into their case is usually not complete. In fact, a lot of evidence may be discovered up to the date of the final ruling. If prosecutors find evidence that may point to the defendant's innocence, they are obligated to reveal it to the criminal defense attorney.

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