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Woman charged with taking cocaine into an Illinois jail

Any form of drug charge can be a highly detrimental thing to have on your record. Regardless of the scale of the alleged crimes or the substances involved, drug charges can affect several areas of your life, including employment. However, these arrests can often occur on the basis of very little evidence. Recently, a young woman was charged with drug-related offenses after allegedly bringing cocaine into an Illinois jail.

Chicago-area officers face repercussions for drug conspiracy

Last week, a Chicago-area officer was sentenced to 24 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges that he resold drugs he had confiscated from drug dealers during the course of his work. Two other officers were also charged for their involvement in the incident. All the officers were hit with felony charges, which included conspiracy, theft and burglary, and delivery of a controlled substance.

President Obama commutes crack cocaine sentences

Eight individuals who had been incarcerated for over 15 years on crack-cocaine charges have reportedly had their sentences commuted by President Obama. Thirteen other individuals have also been pardoned in connection with various federal crimes. The pardons are traditionally done at the end of the year.

Federal judge calls into question ATF sting operations

Our regular readers will remember that we wrote, last month, a set of posts on investigation tactics used by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). As we pointed out in those posts, the agency has been criticized for its use of sting setups, in which suspects are drawn into agreements to rob drug stash houses that, unknown to them, do not exist. The fact that the crimes are fictional and that the agency relies on confidential informants has been called into question before.

Chicago man charged after police found contraband during vehicle search

Police in Evanston arrested a 21-year-old Chicago man last month after finding incriminating evidence during a routine traffic stop. Patrol officers reportedly stopped the car for a minor traffic violation, at which time they saw a passenger toss out a bag they later found to contain roughly 6 grams of cocaine.

Defense attorneys may ask for dismissal of drug cases following officer drug scandal

Three police officers from the Schaumburg have been accused of stealing drugs they seized as part of their duties. According to prosecutors in DuPage County, the three stole marijuana and cocaine they obtained in the course of making arrests, then shared the profits after an informant resold the drugs on the street.

Business owner charged for selling cocaine out of Joliet store

After a lengthy and intense criminal investigation, Illinois law enforcement officials have arrested and charged a Joliet businessman for selling cocaine and heroin. Police claim that the man conducted drug sales right off of his store's shelves.


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