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Avoiding legal trouble when using medical marijuana

The use of medical marijuana is legal in Illinois, as long as its use is only for qualifying medical conditions and obtained according to regulations. Even if you have a qualifying medical condition, but you did not obtain the drug the right way from appropriate sources, you could find yourself in legal trouble.

What is constructive possession?

Are you being charged with possession of an illegal drug, even though you did not have it on your person? If so, the authorities may have referred to something called "constructive possession." It's very important to know what this is and how it works.

Drug possession charges deserve a good fighting defense

As we discussed in last week's blog post, some drug possession cases can be the result of a simple mistake like buying a lot of cold medication. There are some instances in which criminal drug charges are based on circumstances that seem almost laughable. We know that you don't want a simple mistake to affect the rest of your life. We can help you fight drug possession charges.

Allergy sufferers might face criminal charges for medications

Allergy season in Chicago is a force to be reckoned with. Many people who suffer from allergies turn to over-the-counter medications to combat the effects. Interestingly, some of the OTC medications are used to manufacture drugs. That means that there are some cases in which a person who is only trying to combat allergies might face charges for possession of items used to make drugs.

Does Chicago have a court diversion program for felonies?

Drug charges in Chicago that are being prosecuted at the state level might not always mean that you have to serve time in jail or prison. Cook County offers a court diversion program that can give some people who are facing first-time drug charges a second chance.

Drug possession: What are some of your defense options?

While drug possession charges take place every day in Chicago and across the rest of the state, that doesn't do much to alleviate the fear and uncertainty that happens when you find yourself being arrested. Because the circumstances around each drug possession charge are so varied, there are many possible defense options for defendants to consider. It's important to get an attorney's advice on which defense strategy is the best option for your case.

Will low-level marijuana possession soon be decriminalized in IL?

One area of drug crime policy where there have been some major shifts in recent times here in the U.S. is marijuana policy. A general trend that is occurring in many states in this regard is a move towards more leniency when it comes to marijuana offenses. 

Is meth possession always a felony offense in Illinois?

Here in Illinois, there are some drug offenses that are always felony offenses, regardless of the amount of drugs involved. Methamphetamine possession is one of these offenses. Under current Illinois law, there is no such thing as a misdemeanor methamphetamine possession charge.


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