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Combing through the case against you can help in a drug defense

Drugs are available on almost every street in Chicago. Even though these drugs are readily available for anyone to purchase, it is still possible to face criminal charges related to illegal drugs. For some people, their desire to hold a stash of drugs so they don't run out can sometimes lead to criminal charges that accuse them of selling or distributing drugs.

Smoke shop owner charged with Marijuana crimes

Marijuana might be legal for recreational purposes in Colorado, but it certainly is not in Illinois. One tobacco shop owner recently got in trouble with the law for allegedly violating our state's marijuana regulations. Undercover police have accused him and another man of selling pot out of his store.

What should I know about heroin charges in Illinois?

The Illinois Controlled Substances Act provides a legal basis for law enforcement officers to charge people with criminal charges if they are found in possession of heroin, selling heroin, or trafficking heroin. The penalties for convictions on heroin charges are serious, even in the case of a possession charge.

Selling marijuana can lead to felony or misdemeanor charges

Many people don't think that it should be a crime to smoke marijuana. While there are some places that are decriminalizing this drug, Illinois hasn't yet followed suit. It is vital that everyone who is interested in marijuana understand how serious the consequences are for people who are charged with selling marijuana in Illinois.

Man on parole faces drug charges after traffic stop for speeding

When a person is put on probation or let out of prison on parole, there are several rules he or she has to follow. One of those rules is that they not participate in any illegal activities. One man who was on parole is now being held without bond on charges stemming from a traffic stop due to speeding.

Cocaine related offenses in Illinois

Cocaine related offenses can be very serious and often mean mandatory minimum sentences in the event of a conviction. These charges can also be prosecuted at both the state and federal level, meaning you need a strong criminal defense strategy to protect your rights and freedom. When you are facing criminal charges related to cocaine or other drug offenses, we can help.

What is "casual delivery" of cannabis under Illinois law?

Generally, here in Illinois, being accused of having delivered cannabis to another exposes a person to heftier potential penalties than they would face for possessing cannabis. One exception to this though is if the alleged delivery was a casual delivery. State law dictates that, for penalty purposes, a casual delivery of cannabis is to be treated the same as cannabis possession rather than treated as cannabis delivery.

Prison sentence of over 10 years given in Illinois heroin case

As we discussed in a post a couple of weeks ago, a person can end up with a major prison sentence if they are convicted on a federal drug charge. The serious nature of federal drug crime charges is a very important thing to be aware of.


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