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Do the police have to get a warrant to track a car?

Police can use Global Positioning System trackers to keep an eye on a car's movement. These wireless devices can automatically be set up to transmit the location of the vehicle to the authorities, whether it's driving or just sitting in a parking lot. This is something that has been done in drug-related cases. So, do the police need to get a warrant to do it?

Can you be accused of drug trafficking through the mail?

Many drug trafficking charges stem from physical events where people are caught with drugs on them. Typically, trafficking is used when people are moving a substantial amount--the amount is different for different types of drugs, but the rule of thumb is that the amount is more than the person would have for himself or herself--and this often happens in a motor vehicle. However, can you also be accused of trafficking drugs through the mail?

What happens if I am charged with trafficking drugs?

The definition of drug trafficking is the sale and distribution of illegal drugs. The difference between possession and trafficking usually has a lot to do with the amount of drugs that you have. Many times, the person accused of this crime will need a good attorney on his or her side who can ensure that the authorities aren't just going for an arrest no matter what the evidence is.

Trial juries and grand juries serve different purposes

For some people who are facing drug charges, such as drug trafficking charges, in Cook County or in the federal court system, the behind-the-scenes happenings are often a mystery. One example of something that you might wonder about is the different types of juries that might be part of your case. There are two types of juries -- the grand jury and the trial jury. Each of these juries has a different role in a criminal justice case.

Former sheriff's deputy pleads guilty to robbing drug traffickers

Drug busts are often big news in the Chicago area. When the bust is made because of drug trafficking or manufacturing, the person who was busted has to face some very harsh consequences. A recent story in the news about drug trafficking might shock some Chicagoland residents.

What are the penalties for drug trafficking in Illinois?

As we discussed last week, the drug trafficking trade in Illinois is one that has a long history. The prevalence of drug trafficking through the Chicago area hasn't stopped. For people who are accused of drug trafficking, the journey through the criminal justice system is just beginning. It is vital that anyone facing these charges gets to work on a defense strategy right away because the penalties are harsh for drug trafficking convictions in this state.

Drug cartels, part of Chicago's history, continue today

Chicago is a city that has a rich history. Some of that history includes a period that was associated with drug cartels. These drug cartels sold alcohol during prohibition and began to focus on other drugs as time progressed. In addition to those sales, these cartels were also involved in intimidation, embezzlement, extortion and murder. Because they were so influential, the cartels and their cohorts were largely ignored by the police force.

Right to counsel: What is it?

While all drug crimes are serious, drug trafficking carries much more severe penalties than simple possession. Seeking the counsel of a criminal defense attorney who deals with drug offenses on a regular basis can help ensure you thoroughly understand all of the aspects of your case. Drug trafficking crimes are some of those most serious and can have mandatory minimum sentences of years in jail, including for first-time offenders.

Cannabis trafficking charges carry hefty potential penalties

Facing any drug charge can expose a person to some pretty significant potential consequences. However, there are some such charges where the penalties a person can face if convicted can be particularly hefty. Here in Illinois, one of these particularly penalty-hefty charges is cannabis trafficking


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