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The details of a drug bust can make it a federal crime

Typically, drug busts are made by state police and local police, but it's important to know that it's very easy for drug charges to become federal charges. This can happen with simple possession charges or more complex charges, like those for manufacturing and producing certain types of drugs. Below are a few examples of how federal charges can come about:

Understanding important points about federal drug cases

Drug cases that are being prosecuted through the federal court system are often complex cases. All of these cases have very serious penalties that can often mean a person would face time being incarcerated in a federal penitentiary. The severity of the penalties that you are facing with federal drug charges is one reason why you must work with someone who is familiar with the federal criminal justice system.

President Obama commutes 'third strike' sentence in drug case

The so-called "third strike" law is one that is often used unfairly to send people to jail for the remainder of their natural life. This law can send a person with low-level drug charges to prison for life if he or she has a third strike. Recently, President Barack Obama commuted the sentence of a Chicago man who was nailed using the third strike law on a federal drug conviction.

Defense strategies must be carefully considered in federal cases

If you recall, our previous blog covered a new report that was released detailing some of the statistics on people who are in federal prison due to drug charges. Those statistics provided an interesting insight into the trends that are occurring in the federal war on drugs. We know that those statistics might be shocking to some people, but they show proof of why it is so important for people who have federal drug charges to have a vigorous defense.

Interesting statistics on federal drug convictions released

Facing federal drug charges brings with it the real possibility of having to do time in a federal prison. A recent report regarding some of the facts surrounding people who were incarcerated for federal drug convictions shows some startling trends.

Fight against felony charges to avoid the felony label

It is no secret that people who face criminal charges in federal court face an uphill battle. For some people, the effects of charges that are placed against them in federal court follow them around for life. Think about the effects of a felony conviction. Felons lose some of their rights, such as the right to bear arms and the right to vote. Of course, those consequences aren't absolute.

Nonviolent drug convictions might see lighter sentences

A travesty has been occurring in the criminal justice system. Some non-violent drug convictions have been subjected to minimum sentences that put them behind bars for much longer than many people felt was fair. A bipartisan bill in the Senate could rectify the unfair mandatory minimum sentences for people who meet certain criteria.

Leave no stone unturned in federal drug charge defenses

In our last post, we discussed some of the penalties of federal drug trafficking charges. After reading that post, you probably see why having a defense strategy is so important. The fact of the matter is that there isn't any such thing as a one-size-fits-all defense when it comes to federal drug trafficking charges. Instead, each case has to be evaluated and defense options have to be laid out. We can help you to learn about the options you have available in your case.

Federal drug trafficking charges have serious penalties

Facing drug charges can lead to uneasy thoughts for many people. When the drug charges you are facing are federal charges, you might begin to feel worried or stressed. The truth of the matter is that federal drug crimes, such as federal trafficking, carry harsh penalties that can't be ignored.

Miranda rights are in place when drug charges are made

We have all seen on television when the police put handcuffs on suspects of crimes and read them their Miranda rights. It is so familiar to us that we can actually quote it along with them. The television does not tell the whole story though.


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