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Pharmacist faces counterfeit drug charges

A Chicago pharmacist has been suspended pending an investigation into charges that he sold counterfeit versions of erectile dysfunction drugs. The prescription drugs, including Viagra and Cialis, were allegedly distributed through Belmont Pharmacy from December 2010 to August 2012, according to indictment documents. The man is charged with purchasing the drugs from China and then distributing them through his privately held pharmacy.

Hurd prepares to plead guilty to federal charge of drug conspiracy

In our previous post, we noted that former Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd, after having been indicted on six federal drug charges, was charged through a new indictment with only one charge of drug conspiracy. The new charge was intended to broaden and streamline the case against Hurd.

United States Supreme Court rules search based on drug dog sniff was unconstitutional

The way in which police proceed in gathering information for a criminal investigation is a very important one. It is an issue that comes up in many criminal defense cases involving drug charges, and can dramatically shape the outcome of such cases.

Romeoville woman charged with drug-induced homicide

Drugs are related to crime in a variety of ways. The most obvious charges that come up are use, possession, manufacture, and distribution of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and amphetamines. Drugs can also be related to crime by the effects they have on the user's behavior or by becoming the occasion for other illegal activity. This includes drug-related homicides.

Move over Al Capone, Chicago names new public enemy No.1

Bob Dylan's declaration that "the times are a changin' " continues to prove as Chicago names a new public enemy No. 1. Just how much are the times a changin'? The new man to bear the title isn't even American or thought to be in the United States. Instead he's a Mexican drug lord blamed for the majority of narcotics in Chicago. The man, known for the nickname "El Chapo," which means "Shorty" is true to his nickname, standing just 5-feet 6-inches tall.

Task force aims to combat heroin epidemic in Chicago suburbs

Chicago is amongst many cities across the U.S. currently facing a drug epidemic. For many, today's drug of choice is heroin. A highly addictive drug derived from the pain killer morphine, heroin is commonly snorted, smoked or injected. When used, the drug produces a euphoric high that often results in users becoming immediately addicted.

Three drug cases dismissed following officer drug scandal

Three people who had been facing felony drug charges in Cook County have now had charges dropped as a result of a scandal involving Schaumburg officers accused of stealing and reselling illegal drugs. We wrote about that scandal in out last post, noting that the three allegedly stole marijuana and cocaine they had obtained in the course of making arrests, and then shared profits after an informant resold the drugs on the street.

Man convicted of marijuana charges coerced to give up appeal rights by extreme sentence

Our readers may have heard about the case of Chris Williams, a Montana medical marijuana grower, who faces at least five years in federal prison for violating federal laws banning such activity. Williams, who openly supplied marijuana to patients who were allowed to use it under state law, was originally sentenced much more severely, but a post-conviction agreement resulted in an easier sentenced. Still, some say the penalty is too harsh.

Numerous drug cases in limbo in wake of drug lab scandal

Our Chicago readers may be interested in a case out of Massachusetts involving a chemist who is accused of deliberately faking test results on drug samples in numerous criminal cases. The 35-year-old chemist faces a host of charges-27 total-including obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, perjury and pretending to hold a college degree.


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