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Pair in Illinois charged with intent of distribution of drugs

For those in Illinois who are facing serious criminal charges in relation to the possession or distribution of drugs, the actions taken after arrest are of the utmost importance. The days that follow such an arrest can be hectic, especially for those who have to await release from jail. However, addressing one's legal needs in relation to charges of possession or distribution of drugs should take precedence over all other matters.

DEA has yet to responds to marijuana legalization in Washington, Colorado

As our readers probably know, last fall's election ushered in the passage of the nation's first laws permitting the use of recreational marijuana, in both Washington and California. Since the passage of those laws, there has been some questions as to how the federal government will react. After all, marijuana use-for any purpose, even medical-is still illegal at the federal level.

Chicago Bears offensive tackle has drug charges dismissed

Chicago Bears offensive tackle J'Marcus Webb was reportedly arrested on Sunday evening in Pulaski County, Illinois during a traffic stop and charged with possession of a controlled substance. Police said they cannabis and paraphernalia was found in Webb's possession. A deputy had apparently stopped the 24-year-old for speeding on Interstate 57.

Defense attorneys may ask for dismissal of drug cases following officer drug scandal

Three police officers from the Schaumburg have been accused of stealing drugs they seized as part of their duties. According to prosecutors in DuPage County, the three stole marijuana and cocaine they obtained in the course of making arrests, then shared the profits after an informant resold the drugs on the street.

Revenues from marijuana ticketing law lagging

Our readers may be aware that the city of Chicago implemented a new marijuana ticketing law early last fall. Under that law, officers are allowed to write a ticket for up to $500 for possession as much as 15 grams of marijuana. Back when the law was approved, supporters said the ordinance would free up police officers to spend more time on the street instead of dealing with paperwork associated with arresting marijuana offenders.

Man convicted of marijuana charges coerced to give up appeal rights by extreme sentence

Our readers may have heard about the case of Chris Williams, a Montana medical marijuana grower, who faces at least five years in federal prison for violating federal laws banning such activity. Williams, who openly supplied marijuana to patients who were allowed to use it under state law, was originally sentenced much more severely, but a post-conviction agreement resulted in an easier sentenced. Still, some say the penalty is too harsh.

Marijuana activists begin planning for next victories

Pro-marijuana advocates, after seeing decades worth of campaigning to legalize marijuana reach a high point with new laws in Washington and Colorado, have already begun looking toward the next election cycle, planning a strategy for more victories. In their sights are ballot measures in 2014 and 2016 in states like Oregon and California, states which were among the first to allow marijuana for medical use.

Six people arrested for marijuana possession over weekend

Last weekend, six individuals remain in custody after being arrested in East Chicago on suspicion of drug possession. The arrests stemmed from four separate incidents. Three of the individuals were arrested at an apartment after a drug complaint had been filed. Officers reportedly say cannabis in plain sight in an apartment after viewing a cloud of marijuana smoke in the hallway. In another incident, police arrested a 28-year-old man after he refused to quiet down outside an apartment building and was found to be carrying marijuana.


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