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Advice for talking to police officers

When police officers show up at your door in Chicago and politely ask if they can come inside or conduct a search, it's very important to know how to talk to them. People sometimes make costly mistakes because they feel nervous or they aren't used to talking to the police. Here are some tips that can help:

What is the fruit of the poisonous tree?

The fruit of the poisonous tree is an important legal idea that essentially states that anything related to an illegal means of gathering evidence is also illegal, even if it did not come directly from the primary event. When the law was broken the first time, it meant that all discoveries made by the authorities—that were only possible because of the illegal action—could not be used as evidence. This is one way that you can sometimes get evidence thrown out of court.

What is probable cause for arrest, search and seizure?

When you are facing drug charges, you will hear a variety of terms regarding your case. One of these terms is probable cause. Probable cause is one concept that can have a huge impact on your case. It is necessary for you to understand some points about probable cause if you are facing criminal charges.

What is the Fourth Amendment about?

Search and seizure laws are often misunderstood. Some people might think that law enforcement officers can take anything they want and others might think that law enforcement officers don't have the right to take anything. The truth is that searches and seizures are governed by the principles set in the Fourth Amendment.

Search warrants and methods might provide points for your defense

A defendant who is facing drug charges or any other criminal charges must take the time to explore all possible defense options. In the case of criminal charges that result from a search or seizure, scrutinizing the circumstances of the search and seizure might open up a defense option. As we discussed in our previous blog, your reasonable expectation of privacy is a factor if the police search you or seize items from you. There are other factors to consider, as well.

Expectation of privacy matters in search and seizure law

There are several components of the Fourth Amendment that Americans should be familiar with. Most are familiar with some of the protections that this amendment gives regarding the need for search warrants in many cases. There are, however, some finer points that you should know. One of these is how the expectation of privacy affects your rights.

All drug charges require a vigorous defense strategy

When you are stopped by the police or the police show up at your door, you should understand your rights. It is vital that you ensure your rights are respected and protected when you deal with police officers. One of your rights is the right to have legal representation. That is one of the rights you should exercise right away.

Can I be arrested or searched without a valid warrant?

One of the primary questions people have when they are subjected to a search by police officers is whether the search is legal. The requirements for a legal search are set forth by the Fourth Amendment. While many people think that the only way police officers can perform a search is with a warrant, that isn't the case. Warrantless searches are lawful as long as they meet the requirements for being reasonable.

Scrutinize every step in search and seizure procedures

In our last blog post, we discussed various aspects that pertain to search and seizure laws. That post brought up some important points about the rights of citizens. We know that it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what your rights are when you are dealing with the police. We can help you to ensure that your rights remain protected throughout your encounters with officers.

Is a search warrant needed to search my vehicle?

A big question that some people have when they are pulled over by police is whether it is legal for police to search their vehicle or not. While there are some protections noted in the Fourth Amendment for citizens, there are some special circumstances that might mean police officers can legally search your vehicle.


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