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Conditions of probation

One thing a drug possession conviction can lead to is a severe curtailing of one's freedom. A person convicted of such an offense could end up having a nearly complete loss of freedom for a time through a prison sentence. However, prison sentences are not the only penalty that can be issued in drug possession cases that can have significant effects on a person's freedom.

New marijuana legislation comes before Illinois General Assembly

A person's life can be vastly impacted if they are accused and found guilty of possessing marijuana here in Illinois. This is even the case for small amounts. A first offense of possessing 30 grams or less of marijuana is a misdemeanor offense under state law. The penalties for such a first offense vary, but can be up to a twelve-month jail sentence. Depending on the specific amount involved, accusations of a second offense of possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana could lead to a person facing felony charges that carry a mandatory minimum jail sentence with them.

What constitutes drug paraphernalia possession in Illinois?

When it comes to possession crimes, the main thing that may come to a person's mind is drug possession, like marijuana possession, cocaine possession or heroin possession. However, it is important to note that drug possession in not the only type of drug-related possession crime here in Illinois. Another such crime is drug paraphernalia possession. Today, we will go over what constitutes the crime of drug paraphernalia possession under Illinois law.

Man arrested for drug possession over cactus plants

The vast majority of drug arrests fall along within a very limited scope. The substances seized are usually marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines or prescription drugs. A recent arrest, however, had Illinois police transporting an unusual substance back to the lab for testing. After the results were in, the man who was targeted in the drug raid will face a court under charges of drug possession and unlawful manufacture of drugs.

Fourth Amendment limits on drug arrests

Sometimes, during police investigations of alleged drug activity, authorities will arrest individuals on suspicion of drug crimes, such as suspicion of drug possession. As is the case with many police tools, police cannot simply conduct drug arrests whenever and on whoever they feel like. There are certain requirements an arrest needs to meet to be legal.

Possession with intent charges in Illinois

Simple possession charges are not the only type of drug possession charge that can be brought against an individual here in Illinois. Depending on the specifics of the allegations, a person accused of possessing a controlled substance may face a heftier class of possession charge: possession with the intent to deliver or manufacture.

Plea offers in cocaine cases

Authorities put a lot of effort into getting convictions in cocaine cases. One tactic prosecutors sometimes use to try to secure convictions in cases involving cocaine possession charges or other charges related to cocaine is to offer the defendant a plea deal containing promises to drop or reduce certain charges, make recommendations for lower sentencing or provide other leniency in exchange for a guilty plea.


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