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A strong defense is paramount when facing marijuana charges

Marijuana law is a rather confusing area of criminal law here in Illinois, in part because medical use of this drug has been legalized in the state. While some instances of marijuana possession are legal under state law, there are still a great many that are not. Under such circumstances, one could easily see instances arising in which individuals find themselves having criminal charges brought against them for conduct that they thought was legal in the state.

Chicago area rapper enters not guilty plea to marijuana charge

Chief Keef, a Chicago area rapper whose real name is Keith Cozart, reportedly pleaded not guilty on Friday to charges stemming from an arrest last month in Highland Park. According to officers, Cozart's vehicle was stopped after they noticed its registration had expired.

Does meth really make crack cocaine 'look like child's play'?

In 2005, Newsweek called the "epidemic" of methamphetamine use "America's new drug crisis." A year earlier, a New York State Police captain described meth to the New York Times as making "crack look like child's play."

Elmhurst family facing charges of drug possession

Five members of the same Illinois family are now facing drug charges after a search of an area house turned up prescription drugs, cannabis and cocaine. Police had been investigating the sale of illegal drugs, and as part of that investigation, got a search warrant for the house located in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Chicago police raid ends with man charged for drug possession

A 25-year-old man has been arrested after police raided his apartment. He was charged for drug possession on three counts, one of which was a felony. Reportedly, the man was using his apartment to cook up a large amount of drug-laced edibles that would cure any sweet tooth and more.

Chicago police arrest 2 men for meth, cocaine possession

It may sound like many of the stories we read about in the news. Two men were recently arrested in Chicago and charged with drug-related offenses. Police had been suspicious that they were involved in criminal activity and waited for an opportunity to approach the men. That opportunity came when the officers apparently witnessed one man delivering a package to the other man in a car.

New Mexico man sues police for unreasonable search, seizure

Search and seizure is an important issue in the area of drug offenses. Those suspected of criminal activity have certain rights, and when police officers hastily trample over those rights, there are consequences, not only for the suspect, but for the integrity of any criminal case that may be pursued. Without these protections, it would be too easy for officers to abuse their power.

Chicago rapper jailed for violating probation with marijuana

Keith Cozart, a small-time Chicago rapper who goes by the name “Chief Keef” was recently ordered to spend 20 days in Cook County Jail after testing positive for marijuana in violation of probation conditions stemming from a traffic violation. The 18-year-old was required to submit to random drug testing after his arrest back in May on charges that he had been driving at 110 miles per hour.

Comic actor pleads guilty to drug possession in Bahamas

Craig Robinson, the 41-yhear-old comic actor know for his role as Darryl Philbin on "The Office" was arrested earlier this month in the Bahamas when authorities discovered he was in possession of drugs. At the time of the arrest, Robinson was attempting to board a plane back to the United States. Robinson had been in the Bahamas for a comedy show.

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