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Illinois man accused of drug sales

Being the subject of a police investigation can be very trying, especially if you have previous convictions on your record. Although officers may make their best efforts to conduct their inquiries fairly and objectively, sometimes mistakes are made and innocent people can come under suspicion. In Plano, Illinois a man has been charged with drug sales after alleged interactions with an undercover officer.

According to records, the man in question did not have drugs on him at the time of being taken into custody. However, he had allegedly arrived at the location in order to sell a firearm and cocaine to an undercover officer. He is further reputed to have met the officer twice previously to distribute cocaine.

According to the report, the investigation led police to seek a search warrant for the accused’s house. The search took place April 1 and is reputed to have turned up two handguns, ammunition and a quantity of marijuana. However, the home was also occupied by two youths and a woman at the time of the search, so it cannot be said for certain that the items were his.

It is possible that the man’s previous convictions counted against him or at least contributed to his initial investigation. The charges against him include possession and delivery of cocaine and if he is unable to prove his innocence, the consequences could be severe.

Cases such as this are rarely clear-cut and it is important that you get your side of the story across. An attorney with good knowledge of Illinois law may be able to help you build your case. They may also help you identify whether any mistakes were made during your arrest that might invalidate the charges. Taking immediate steps to challenge drug charges can greatly help your chances of protecting yourself from the consequences.

Source: The Beacon News, “Plano man charged with offering undercover officer gun and drugs,” Erika Wurst, May 1, 2014

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