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2 men charged with possession of marijuana

Multiple agencies recently executed a search warrant in Algonquin and yielded marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Two men, ages 20 and 43, were arrested during the drug bust. They face punishment for unlawful possession of marijuana, among other charges.

The Drug Enforcement Administration, Illinois State Police North Central Narcotics Task Force and McHenry County Sheriff’s Police Narcotics Task Force conducted the search on June 27. At the residence, they found 120 grams of marijuana valued at $1,500. There were also packaging materials, a digital scale and other drug-related items.

The 20-year-old man faces charges of possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He also had a warrant out for his arrest for a previous instance of marijuana possession. His bond is set at $1,500. In addition to possession charges, the 43-year-old man faces charges for drug delivery and violating a bail bond. His bond is set at $5,000.

Drug charges can lead to serious consequences, depending on the type of drug involved and whether or not delivery or trafficking applies. Sometimes lesser drug charges lead to probation or community service, but when a person is accused of selling drugs, he or she can face jail time and fines. Police determine whether or not they believe a person is selling drugs based on the evidence found. When scales, baggies or packaging materials are found, this is considered evidence that points to drug sales.

Presenting a strong defense is necessary. Experienced criminal defense attorneys know what to look for in such cases that might indicate an error on the part of law enforcement. In addition, defendants have rights throughout the court process, and attorney works diligently to protect those rights.

Source: My Suburban Life, “Two Algonquin men arrested for multiple drug charges”, June 30, 2014

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