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A strong defense is paramount when facing marijuana charges

Marijuana law is a rather confusing area of criminal law here in Illinois, in part because medical use of this drug has been legalized in the state. While some instances of marijuana possession are legal under state law, there are still a great many that are not. Under such circumstances, one could easily see instances arising in which individuals find themselves having criminal charges brought against them for conduct that they thought was legal in the state.

An assumption that individuals sometimes make is that prosecutors only bring marijuana charges when they have sufficient evidence to convict, and thus that if you are charged with such crimes you are for sure going to be found guilty. Prosecutors, however, are not foolproof when it comes to bringing marijuana charges. In their efforts to take a tough stance on drug crimes, authorities sometimes bring charges in instances where their case isn’t terribly strong. This is one of the reasons why mounting a strong defense can be important for anyone charged with marijuana crimes; it may be able to expose weaknesses in a prosecutor’s case.

Our firm has a deep background in drug crime defense and understands the rights of defendants and the fallible nature of authorities. We can help marijuana crime defendants gauge the strength of the prosecution’s case and weigh their possible options in light of this analysis.

Another thing it is important for individuals to know about marijuana crimes cases is that quite a bit can be at stake in them. Fines, prison time, employment troubles and reputation damage are among the things that a conviction in a marijuana crimes case can cause a person to face.

Our marijuana defense page has more information on the topic of marijuana criminal law for those who are interested.

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