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Man on parole faces drug charges after traffic stop for speeding

When a person is put on probation or let out of prison on parole, there are several rules he or she has to follow. One of those rules is that they not participate in any illegal activities. One man who was on parole is now being held without bond on charges stemming from a traffic stop due to speeding.

The parolee was on parole for an armed robbery in Chicago when he was pulled over for driving 52 mph in a 35-mph zone. When the officer approached the car, he noted that there was a smell of burnt marijuana in the vehicle.

The officer asked the man if there were drugs in the car. The man said that if anything was found, it belonged to his girlfriend with whom he has lived for 2 months. A K-9 unit did alert on the vehicle, so the man was placed in custody.

In a hidden compartment, officers allegedly found 10 Xanax pills, 54 bags of heroin that each weighed 24.26 grams, and 24.26 grams of marijuana. Everything was individually packaged so that it could be distributed.

He is now facing several serious drug charges. He is facing a Class X felony for possession of heroin because of the large amount found. He is also facing charges for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, possession of Xanax and possession of cannabis. He goes back to court Aug. 3 on these charges.

Large amounts of drugs can often land someone felony criminal charges. Anyone who is facing serious drug charges should learn what options he or she has to deal with the criminal charges.

Source: 89 WLS, “Parolee back in jail after large amount of drugs found during traffic stop,” July 22, 2015

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