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Drug cartels, part of Chicago’s history, continue today

Chicago is a city that has a rich history. Some of that history includes a period that was associated with drug cartels. These drug cartels sold alcohol during prohibition and began to focus on other drugs as time progressed. In addition to those sales, these cartels were also involved in intimidation, embezzlement, extortion and murder. Because they were so influential, the cartels and their cohorts were largely ignored by the police force.

Since those days, the laws have evolved to try to put a stop to drug cartels and organized crimes. Generally, a drug cartel is heavily involved in drug trafficking. That is only one of the criminal charges that a member of a drug cartel might face. In some cases, the members might face violent crime charges, such as murder or assault and battery. White collar crimes, such as money laundering, embezzlement and fraud are possible. Gambling, bribery and theft might also be possible. Even conspiracy charges might be placed against a member of a drug cartel.

For people who are being accused of dealings within a drug cartel, the types of charges and the severity of charges can vary from one person to another. Even someone who didn’t actually murder someone might face conspiracy charges in connection with the murder. In some cases, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act might come into the picture.

If you are facing charges related to drug cartel activity, you should seek out defense strategies for your case. The defense strategy chosen must encompass all aspects of your case, so a cookie-cutter defense won’t work.

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