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ON BEHALF OF CHERONIS & PARENTE LLC   /   November 13, 2015

Defense strategies must be carefully considered in federal cases

If you recall, our previous blog covered a new report that was released detailing some of the statistics on people who are in federal prison due to drug charges. Those statistics provided an interesting insight into the trends that are occurring in the federal war on drugs. We know that those statistics might be shocking to some people, but they show proof of why it is so important for people who have federal drug charges to have a vigorous defense.

When it comes to drug crimes, there are several different defenses that you might use. One of the factors that can affect a defense for a specific case is the actual charge. You might be able to claim the drugs were for prescribed to you if you are charged with possession, have only a small amount and can produce medical records to that effect. Saying the drugs were for personal use might not be a good defense if you were arrested on a drug trafficking charge.

Determining the defense strategy you are going to use for your case is one of the most important choices you can make. We can review your case and help you learn which options might be suitable. Once you know your options, you can make a decision about the direction of your case.

We know that facing federal drug charges is scary. We can’t promise you that the charges will just go away. Instead, we can work hard on presenting your side of the story to try to minimize the effects of the charges against you.

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