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ON BEHALF OF CHERONIS & PARENTE LLC   /   December 17, 2015

Drug possession charges deserve a good fighting defense

As we discussed in last week’s blog post, some drug possession cases can be the result of a simple mistake like buying a lot of cold medication. There are some instances in which criminal drug charges are based on circumstances that seem almost laughable. We know that you don’t want a simple mistake to affect the rest of your life. We can help you fight drug possession charges.

There is a variety of reasons why you might find yourself fighting drug possession charges. No matter what elements are present in your case, we can help you to fight against the charges. We can help you fight against charges that involve drug paraphernalia if that is an element that is present in your case.

It is vital that you exercise your right to have an attorney present as soon as possible if you are being questioned, detained or arrested. Everything that you say or do can be used in the prosecutor’s case against you. We want to make sure that all of your rights are protected as you deal with the authorities.

You don’t have to face Chicago’s criminal justice system alone. We can help you to learn if there are any options for a plea agreement if you are interested in that form of resolution. We can also work on preparing your case for trial if you want to fight the charges against you until the very end. Your defense is based on your preferences. We can help you to learn your options so you can tell us what direction you want to go.

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