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ON BEHALF OF CHERONIS & PARENTE LLC   /   January 15, 2016

Combing through the case against you can help in a drug defense

Drugs are available on almost every street in Chicago. Even though these drugs are readily available for anyone to purchase, it is still possible to face criminal charges related to illegal drugs. For some people, their desire to hold a stash of drugs so they don’t run out can sometimes lead to criminal charges that accuse them of selling or distributing drugs.

Even if you were caught up with a need to make some fast money and decided to sell a little bit of drugs, we can help you find possible defense strategies that might work for your case. No matter what the circumstances of your case, we can go through the prosecutor’s case to see what evidence and accusations they are using. We can address these one at a time with you to decide what to do.

There are many cases that hinge largely on evidence that might be questionable. Because there could be errors in how evidence was obtained, we must scrutinize the procedures that are used during the gathering of evidence. If there are errors or constitutional violations, we can discuss how we can use that information in your defense.

Whether you are facing state charges or federal charges for drugs, we can help you learn about how various laws might be applied to your case. In some cases, you might be subjected to mandatory minimum sentences if you are convicted of a crime. We can help you understand what mandatory minimums might be used if you are convicted of the charges at hand.

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