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ON BEHALF OF CHERONIS & PARENTE LLC   /   February 8, 2018

Illinois man and woman face drug charges

A man and a women were arrested on drug charges in January 2018 in the course of a traffic stop conducted by local police, with the involvement of the East Central Illinois Drug Task Force. The two were taken into custody near the intersection of Fourth Street and Adams Avenue. The police stated that a K-9 drug detecting dog gave an alert about the car, giving them a basis to begin a search of the vehicle after the stop.

Police stated that the man had an undisclosed amount of methamphetamine in his possession. Meanwhile, the woman, is accused of having heroin in her possession as well as hypodermic needles that contain heroin residue. The man was arrested on charges of meth possession, while the woman was accused of heroin possession and possession of drug equipment. Both methamphetamine and heroin are designated as controlled substances.

The police impounded the car and have scheduled a hearing for its seizure based on its connection to drug crimes. Meanwhile, the man and the woman were booked at aColes County jail pending bail.

For people arrested on criminal drug charges, retaining a criminal defense attorney can be a critically important step to protect their future. The penalties and consequences of drug convictions can be extensive and severe, including large fines and jail or prison terms. These kinds of charges can carry consequences with lasting lifelong effects. In addition, cars and other properties involved can be subject to forfeiture. In some cases, a successful challenge to the traffic stop itself can be made, which could lead to the drugs seized being inadmissible as evidence.

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