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Federal prosecutors charge 3 in Illinois with meth trafficking

A multi-agency investigation that included the Jacksonville Police Department, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service resulted in the arrest of 2 men and 1 woman in Jacksonville. All of them appeared in federal court, where the criminal complaint detailed their charges related to methamphetamine distribution.

The three people stood accused of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine as well as possession. The oldest among the defendants, a 40-year-old man, received additional firearms charges related to his felony record and possession of a gun during an alleged drug crime. The court continued to hold the men after their appearances, but the woman was released.

The penalties associated with convictions on these crimes could be serious. Sentencing guidelines for the methamphetamine charges range from 10 years in prison to life. Possessing a firearm while committing a drug crime requires a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison. A felon found to be in possession of a gun could receive additional prison time up to 10 years.

A person confronted by serious drug charges could feel overwhelmed and isolated, but the services of a defense attorney could provide guidance within the criminal justice system. Advice from an attorney could inform a person about constitutional rights before answering questions posed by authorities. An attorney might also find opportunities to defend a person from criminal charges if the evidence appears unreliable or arose from an unlawful search. Challenges to evidence might result in a case dismissal or give an attorney leverage to negotiate a plea bargain for reduced charges and a lighter sentence.

Source: My Journal Courier, “Three facing federal charges in drug bust“, June 22, 2018

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