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Several people accused of drug crimes after arrests

Five people have been accused of drug charges in Illinois after a police investigation of one bar in Rockford. According to local police, they received multiple complaints about drug distribution activity taking place on Rockford’s North Madison Street, including at one local pub, Buster’s Bar and Grill. A 38-year-old woman who works at the bar and lives on the block was investigated by police in the month before the arrests. They say that she was identified as playing a role in the alleged drug dealing activity, and at least one of the drug sales took place at the bar.

The other four people were accused by police of buying or selling drugs as part of the same activity. Police searched several homes in the area; they say that they confiscated two guns as well as substances they believe to be cannabis, cocaine and hydrocodone. In addition to the 38-year-old woman, a 26-year-old man, a 33-year-old man, and a 43-year-old man were arrested. Police said that they are still looking for another 35-year-old man. While the woman was charged with both possession of a controlled substance and delivery, two of the men were accused of possession of a controlled substance. The third man arrested was also charged with unlawful use of a weapon given his criminal record as well as possession with the intent to deliver cocaine and cannabis.

Police said that they are still investigating the bar and looking for additional links to drug sales. They said that additional arrests and drug accusations may be forthcoming.

People who are charged with drug offenses may face serious consequences if a conviction is obtained, including incarceration. Those who are in this type of a position might want to contact a criminal defense attorney about constructing a strategy to counter the allegations.

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