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ON BEHALF OF CHERONIS & PARENTE LLC   /   November 24, 2020

Fixing a strained professional image

Charges stemming from criminal conduct in the workplace can damage professional reputations. Even after paying restitution and committing to act with more integrity, white-collar criminals may struggle to prove to others their loyalty. 

A damaged reputation can create difficulty finding employment. It can also impact the likelihood of promotions and challenge professional growth and success. With time and determination, people may successfully overcome misconceptions and regain the trust and respect of other professionals. 

Establishing control

People who relinquish all hope because their situation seems out of control may never fully recover. According to Entrepreneur, people should analyze their situation and assess which elements remain in their control. Focusing on these aspects can help them strategize a plan to draw upon their strengths and skills to improve their situation. 

For example, people cannot control what others think of them, but they can control their own behavior and performance in a professional environment. People who consistently demonstrate integrity and professionalism can regain traction and effectively prove to others their credibility. 

Demonstrating loyalty

It will take time for people to show that their personal changes have resulted in improved honesty and increased loyalty. Forbes suggests some ways that people can expedite their efforts to build trust and establish a reputation including the following: 

  • Practice humility 
  • Solve problems 
  • Share resources 
  • Be personable 
  • Listen intently 

Above all, people should focus on performing all of their job-related tasks with the highest level of integrity. People should also remember that they owe no one an explanation of the past unless others inquire during a situation such as a job interview. 

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