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ON BEHALF OF CHERONIS & PARENTE LLC   /   September 2, 2021

Can employers ask about your arrest during an interview?

When Illinois police arrested you for a white-collar crime, you were in the middle of a job search. You do not want to let the encounter interrupt your job prospects, but you know you must think about how to approach questions related to a criminal record on applications and during interviews.

Chron explores how companies must approach an applicant’s criminal past during interviews. Learn how to prepare your responses and understand your rights regarding the matter.

Job applications

Many modern employers no longer have questions regarding an applicant’s criminal history on job applications. Even then, that does not mean those same companies do not ask applicants about convictions and arrests during interviews. That said, depending on the geographic location, companies may ask only about convictions rather than arrests because of state law.

Job interviews

If an entity likes your application and requests an interview, you may face scrutiny regarding your criminal record. Just as you may have face-to-face interactions ranging from panel interviews to one-on-one interviews, you could also face several inquiries regarding your encounter with law enforcement.

Job hiring decisions

Something else that depends on geographic location is whether companies may dismiss job candidates because they have a criminal record. Sometimes, employers are better off overlooking arrests that appear during a job application, but that does not apply to convictions. If an applicant has a conviction, companies should consider whether it overlaps with the desired position’s job duties. Hiring managers should also think about when the applicant received the conviction and the nature of the crime.

Adjusting your career expectations may make sense after an arrest or conviction for white-collar crime. Hopefully, you better understand what career moves to make.

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