What is happening with criminal justice reform in Illinois?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2021 | criminal defense

After the governor signed a criminal justice reform bill, there was hope for a change within the system that would lower crime and bring more fairness for those accused of crimes.

NBC Chicago explains the criminal justice reform bill included police accountability policies and ended cash bail. There is some concern about the effects of the law.


One of the top issues that caused concern even before the bill became law was the elimination of cash bail. Representative Jim Durkin explained how he saw people charged with murder let out of custody and put on electronic monitoring devices. The issue is those devices do not always stop someone from reoffending. Having a violent offender in jail protects the public. By eliminating cash bail, it allows people accused of such crimes to be free on the streets.

There are ongoing concerns as well over gun control in the state. Illegal guns on the streets are a difficult problem to legislate because criminals do not care about gun laws.

Moving forward

Some experts say the state is trying to legislate a problem that requires more work. One professor suggested applying more resources instead of more laws. While the state is on the right track to reform the criminal justice system, it is not clear if it will help change the big problems seen in Illinois.

Only time will tell how the criminal justice reform bill will impact crime in the state, especially in Chicago. The hope is more support for other measures combined with this law will help bring down violent crimes and create a fairer system for all.