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What strategies could trigger self-incrimination?

When you face criminal charges in Illinois, the authorities may try to convince you to speak with them. If you are not careful, their strategies may cause you to say things you regret.

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to refrain from speaking without an attorney present. Knowing some common strategies often used to trigger self-incrimination can help you better protect your rights.


Sitting face-to-face with members of law enforcement can cause you to feel uneasy and anxious. You may freeze up and struggle to find an appropriate response to challenging questions. Given the circumstances, you may feel intimidated and some authorities will play off of this weakness. They may try to further intimidate you to encourage you to comply and provide the answers they want.

Your best option is to wait for your attorney to accompany you. During interviews, focus on controlling your breathing and do your best to remain calm. Use cordial greetings and wait for the guidance of a trusted legal professional.

Good vs. bad

Another strategy law enforcement may use is the practice of having a more abrasive interrogator question you right at the start. Partway through your interview, they may introduce a more personable individual. If the change in personality brings you comfort, you may feel safe to open up and tell your story. According to, the Sixth Amendment gives you the right to an attorney. Someone who will represent you and advocate for your rights. Relying on a legal professional to guide you through this unprecedented time may help you avoid costly mistakes.

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