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What constitutes identity theft?

Technology is an area of white-collar crimes that has seen a high uptick in offenders over the last decade. One of the related charges that has surged during this time is identity theft.

While some instances of this crime seem apparent, others may not. Getting a basic rundown of some of the essential elements that may lead to a charge of identity theft may help should a charge arise.

What constitutes identity theft?

Every person has sensitive information that may lead to issues should it become known. Some of this information, such as a social security number and date of birth, may allow others to assume this person’s virtual identity to obtain something. Identity theft is a crime that most often involves using another’s sensitive information for financial gain. Even though technology comes with safeguards, identity theft is becoming a more difficult crime to prevent.

Can the act happen by accident?

There are situations where people may either commit identity theft or facilitate it without meaning to. This may happen in situations where a job gives someone access to sensitive data. It may also occur if one person uses another’s password without express consent. While the latter may start as an innocent gesture, the outcome may land the perpetrator in legal hot water should it allow the exposure of another’s sensitive information.

Any criminal charge may prove damaging enough to alter the course of a person’s life. Seeking out assistance in the face of an identity theft charge may prove a wise decision in fighting whatever the authorities seek as punishment.

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