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Your approach to allegations of white-collar crime?

Criminal conduct in the workplace can have a lasting impact on your profession and career. Despite the allegations against you, the desire to continue working may linger.

When you understand the ways that white-collar crime could impact your life, you can determine your next steps. With help from the right people and personal determination, you might still have the chance to protect your career.

Telling your story

Investigations into your behavior can leave you feeling vulnerable and violated. If the allegations against you have no merit, you may feel even more frustrated with your situation. According to the FBI, white-collar crime can impact numerous people including investors and the public as a whole. Given the severity of many outcomes, officials often take allegations of misconduct seriously. However, you have the right to tell your story and to advocate for your freedom.

Never share facts about your situation without the guidance of your legal team. Try to see different perspectives of the situation, particularly the view of people who believe the allegations against you. Use caution and care when sharing your side of the story. Show empathy and issue an apology when necessary. Relying on the experience and advice of your legal defense can help you avoid costly missteps that could incriminate you unnecessarily.

Fixing your image

Regardless of the outcome of your criminal case, your reputation may suffer permanent damage. It could take years to rebuild credibility and fix your image. Showing sincerity and focusing on the aspects you can control will help you move forward. Once you have done your part to correct any wrongdoings, disregard what people think of you. Reach out and help others. These actions may help people gradually notice your sincerity and determination to move on with your life.

Working after allegations of white-collar crime is a realistic goal. Having a targeted plan to achieve that goal may expedite the process of reentering the workforce.

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