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Do you have to answer questions about your case?

When approached with inquiries about your criminal case in Illinois, you might feel obligated to answer. However, sharing sensitive information with the wrong party could incriminate you further.

Knowing your rights can help you protect your case, your freedom and your future. One of your rights is that you do not have to answer any questions about your case, especially if directed not to by your legal defense.

Maintain confidentiality

By law, your legal defense agrees to keep every detail of your case confidential. Their decision to share any information without your prior consent could have serious repercussions. Because you can trust your legal team, you do not have to face concerns of information making its way to people who should not have it. However, if you speak with law enforcement, family and friends, anything you share is not confidential.

Your legal team should keep you informed throughout your preparation for trial. According to The United States Department of Justice, one of your rights is access to any materials or evidence that your legal team plans to present at trial.

Protect your case

Your legal team will work hard to defend your name in court. Building a case takes time and careful strategizing. If you answer questions about your case from people who have no business knowing, you could jeopardize your case. A once solid case might fall apart and lack the integrity to survive in a courtroom.

If you ever question whether or not you should give someone information about your case, consult your legal team first. Carefully adhere to their guidance to avoid actions that could cost you a chance to fight for your freedom.

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