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ON BEHALF OF CHERONIS & PARENTE LLC   /   November 10, 2022

Is white-collar crime the end of your career?

Is white-collar crime the end of your career?

Involvement in white-collar crime can have a long-lasting impact on your career. Depending on your level of involvement, your professional success may never be the same.

You might wonder if returning to the workforce is a possibility at all. Knowing how to approach your career following allegations of white-collar crime can help you assess your next steps.

Take responsibility

You might have a hard time acknowledging the reality of your situation. According to the FBI, white-collar crimes have a serious impact on the lives of many unsuspecting people including investors and consumers.

Taking responsibility for your actions is the first step in changing course and rebuilding your future. With guidance from people you trust, determine the best way to apologize for your actions. Share your skills with the community and look for ways to help others.

Fix reputation

Fixing your reputation will take time and require patience. People may doubt your authenticity and question your credibility. However, what others continue to think of you lies outside of your control. Focus on the aspects you can control and strategize ways to rebuild others’ trust in you.

Set goals

Set personal and professional goals for yourself. Determine the level of professional activity you wish to return to. Rejoining the workforce may look completely different than it did prior to your involvement in criminal activity. You will need to gradually rebuild. Setting goals may help you envision what you need to do to progress in your career and achieve success once more.

Involvement in a white-collar crime does not have to conclude your career. With a resolve to change and dedicated actions to rectify your profession, you might have a winning chance at regaining your success.

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