Have You Been Accused Of Possessing Or Dealing Cocaine?

The ramifications of a cocaine conviction can have long-term implications, even after jail time is served. Employers are reluctant to hire anyone with a criminal record. Before taking a plea agreement, make sure you seek the advice of an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney.

A Strong Defense From An Experienced Defense Lawyer

At Cheronis & Parente LLC, we believe your future is far too important to simply negotiate with the prosecution without defending your rights. Our attorneys focus exclusively on criminal defense because we believe everyone is entitled to a strong defense. Just because you are facing serious drug charges does not mean you will be found guilty.

Law enforcement may fail to have enough evidence to secure a conviction or may have violated your rights. Our attorneys have the skills, tenacity and legal resources to put the prosecution on the defensive.

Skilled Cocaine Defense Attorneys Seeking To Level The Playing Field

Federal and state authorities devote substantial resources to prosecuting cocaine charges. In their pursuit to limit the possession and distribution of serious narcotics, mistakes are made and individuals’ constitutional rights are violated.

Our attorneys will work zealously to make sure your rights are not overlooked. If you are accused of possessing or distributing cocaine, we will look beyond the face value of the charges questioning the validity of the evidence obtained against you.

We ask probing questions to understand if law enforcement has a valid reason to make a traffic stop and search your home or vehicle. If law enforcement obtained evidence illegally without securing a proper search warrant, evidence obtained illegally needs to be dismissed. The prosecution will face an uphill battle to convict you without incriminating evidence.

Every drug charge is fact-specific. We will also not hesitate to question the strength of the prosecution’s case based entirely on testimony from an informant looking to protect himself or herself. You can feel confident knowing one of our attorneys will stand in your corner fighting to uncover any flaws in the prosecution’s case or evidence that can be used in your favor. We are here to help level the playing field.

Speak To A Proven Defense Lawyer

You may feel a sense of hopelessness if you have been charged with cocaine distribution or possession. You may even question whether it’s worth hiring a criminal defense attorney. You may be surprised to learn how we can limit the strength of the prosecution’s charges against you. Call 312-386-7033 to schedule your initial consultation.