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Chicago Attorney Providing Aggressive Murder Defense Counsel

If you have been charged with murder, the attorney you choose to protect your rights may be one of the most important decisions you ever make. You need an attorney who will fully investigate the facts of your case, access experts essential to the preparation of your defense and effectively manage your case to give you the best chance for success.

If you are facing charges for murder, attempted murder or a related offense, contact the Law Offices of Damon M. Cheronis at 312-386-7033.

In Chicago, you can find such an attorney at the Law Offices of Damon M. Cheronis. Our firm practices exclusively in criminal defense and has a strong record of results. Attorney Damon M. Cheronis is a skilled trial lawyer who is prepared to aggressively defend your rights.

Raising A Strong Defense

Through the use of investigators, forensic experts, hard work and determination, we have successfully defended clients against serious felony charges. Our goal in each case is to obtain the best possible result for our client. Some of our results include:

  • People v. MF: Defendant was accused of murder in a South Side project. Mr. Cheronis was part of a defense team that helped acquit the defendant after a jury trial.
  • People v. IM: IM was arrested and charged with First Degree Murder. The state claimed that IM along with two other men stabbed a person to death on the streets of Chicago. The two other defendants charged with the murder pled guilty and received extended prison sentences. Mr. Cheronis represented IM at trial and the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.
  • People v. CF: Defendant was accused of murder and attempted murder on Chicago’s West Side. Following a jury trial, Mr. Cheronis was part of a team that helped win the defendant’s acquittal.
  • People v. Defendant: The defendant was charged with attempted murder for a shooting that took place on the Eisenhower Expressway. Following a trial the defendant was found not guilty of attempted murder. He received boot camp for reckless discharge of a firearm.
  • People v. RC: Mr. Cheronis helped defend a man who was charged with attempted murder. Several eye witnesses identified the defendant in open court as the shooter. The jury was hung 8 to 4 in favor of not guilty.

Contact Us

If you need to speak with a Cook County homicide defense attorney, contact the Law Offices of Damon M. Cheronis. To contact our firm, call 312-386-7033, or contact us by e-mail.