Experienced Handling Of RICO Charges

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act is a federal law that targets criminal enterprises. Under RICO, criminal acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise are subject to increased penalties. RICO can come into play in a wide variety of cases, including those drug crimes, robbery, bribery, embezzlement and money laundering.

In addition to increased penalties, there is a forfeiture element in RICO cases. When an indictment is issued, law enforcement can temporarily seize the accused’s property. This property may ultimately be forfeited in the event of a conviction. Furthermore, individual victims of the alleged criminal enterprise may file civil suits against the enterprise.

RICO charges leave the accused in a complex tangle of legal issues, and the representation of a skilled and committed lawyer is critical if there is to be any hope of untangling and overcoming the charges. At Cheronis, Parente & Levitt LLC in Chicago, we have a reputation for taking on challenging federal cases and providing results. If you are involved in a RICO case, you can count on us to help you get through this.

A Criminal Enterprise Defined

One of the key facets of a RICO case is crimes must have been committed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise. One of the factors that make these cases so complicated, and makes them challenging from a defense perspective, is that the term criminal enterprise is defined very loosely. It could refer to a legal entity such as a corporation or a partnership. It could also refer to individuals who are associated with each other in any way. In fact, there is not necessarily a requirement even to show the structure of a criminal organization when seeking a conviction, as the focus is more on showing a pattern of illegal acts.

Defending Against RICO Charges

Our white collar crime lawyers are up for the challenge of fighting RICO charges. We recognize the pressure that those facing these charges are under, particularly when assets are seized. We will thoroughly review the case against you. After an examination of the evidence and our own investigation, we may find that the case is not as strong as it seems. Our goal is to disprove a criminal enterprise if possible and attack all related charges one by one in search of the best possible outcome for you. We are always ready for trial in these serious cases.

Consultation About RICO Cases

Whether you have been indicted or are under investigation, we encourage you to contact our attorneys as soon as possible. Call 312-386-7033 to schedule your initial consultation.