Defending Against Tax Fraud Charges In Chicago

Tax fraud refers to a variety of illegal acts regarding the filing and payment of taxes. While many people use the terms tax fraud and tax evasion interchangeably, there is a distinction. Tax evasion is a common type of tax fraud that may involve:

  • Failure to declare all of your income in an effort to reduce your tax burden
  • Overstatement of deductions or expenses in order to reduce your tax burden
  • Failure to file taxes

Tax fraud also encompasses businesses failing to collect sales tax or other taxes, or failing to pay those taxes, as well as any falsification of information on tax returns.

The IRS tends to pursue cases involving a substantial amount of unpaid taxes. When they do, the stakes are high. In addition to facing civil penalties, an individual or business charged with tax fraud is at risk of fines totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as years behind bars. In these cases, it is critical to enlist an attorney experienced in white collar crimes.

Ready To Go To Trial To Protect Your Rights

At Cheronis, Parente & Levitt LLC in Chicago, we aggressively defend individuals and businesses against charges of tax fraud and tax evasion. These are number- and document-heavy cases. We take great care to see that the math is accurate in everything the IRS and the prosecution presents, and we call upon experts of our own when needed to strengthen our case. We always prepare for trial, although we are skilled at negotiating positive resolutions without the need to argue in front of a judge and jury.

Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Because tax fraud charges tend to focus on unpaid federal taxes and are handled by the IRS, these are usually federal charges. We have the knowledge to take on complex federal tax crime cases, as well as cases that are handled in state court and those that involve the Illinois Department of Revenue.

If You Have Been Contacted By The IRS

The earlier you get a tax crime lawyer on your side, the more options may be available to you. If you are being audited or are under investigation by the IRS, we are available to provide you with guidance. Keep in mind that the IRS’s goal is not necessarily to punish you, but to collect taxes. Furthermore, a tax fraud charge requires proof of intent to defraud, not just a mistake on tax returns. With that in mind, we may be able to negotiate an outcome that is satisfactory to both sides and prevents you from being charged, convicted, fined or jailed.

Schedule A Consultation With An Attorney

If you need to speak with a criminal defense lawyer about a tax fraud investigation or arrest, call 312-386-7033 to schedule your initial consultation.