Need Defense Against Embezzlement Charges In Chicago?

Charges of embezzlement or theft are serious and require the assistance of a highly skilled white collar criminal defense lawyer. Having a felony conviction on your record can damage your reputation and make it difficult to seek employment in the future. Protect your rights and your future by seeking the assistance of a Chicago embezzlement defense lawyer with extensive courtroom skills and experience.

At Cheronis, Parente & Levitt LLC, our attorneys are devoted exclusively to criminal defense at both the state and federal levels.

Be Proactive: Early Intervention Is Key

Our attorneys will work closely with you to provide the best defense possible for your particular embezzlement case. We also strongly advocate for early intervention, especially if you believe you are the subject of a fraud or embezzlement investigation or you have been recently contacted by investigators. White collar crimes charges are best resolved the earlier the attorney intervenes. In some instances, clients are able to avoid criminal charges altogether. Do not wait — call us at our firm immediately. Call 312-386-7033 or toll free at 866-587-9887.

Theft By Fraud And Embezzlement Charges

An “embezzlement” charge is based on allegations of taking another person’s money while it was entrusted in your care. Examples of this include an accountant or bookkeeper who is entrusted with funds owned by a company but steals funds for him or herself. Sometimes this is done through an illegal transfer of money. Other allegations can include falsifying records, statements, creating false bills or vendor accounts.

In some cases, if you pay restitution for the embezzlement or theft charge, you may be able to avoid jail or have the charge reduced to a misdemeanor.

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