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Attorney Referrals—A Message for Our Colleagues

At Cheronis & Parente, LLC, we understand that receiving referrals from peers is a profound vote of confidence. For years, attorneys across the nation have trusted us to handle their most challenging cases. This is especially true for those involving federal criminal charges and other complex criminal matters.

Why Refer to Cheronis & Parente, LLC

Unparalleled Experience and Acumen

Our firm is dedicated exclusively to criminal defense, with a deep focus on federal cases and other serious allegations. Whether it’s complex white-collar crimes, cross-border drug offenses, or high-stakes fraud cases, we possess the knowledge and experience necessary to offer a robust defense. Our unwavering dedication to our clients ensures that they receive the highest level of advocacy and support throughout the legal process.

Relief and Focus

If criminal defense falls outside the scope of your legal expertise, consider the benefits of referring your criminal cases to our team. By doing so, you can redirect your attention and energy towards your primary areas of law practice, all while guaranteeing that your clients receive unparalleled representation. This strategic move not only sharpens the focus of your practice, but it also shields you from the potential challenges that come with navigating unfamiliar legal terrain.

Collaborative Partnership

At our firm, we place great value on the power of collaboration. We view referring attorneys as integral partners in our work, and we frequently operate under joint representation agreements. This approach ensures that you remain actively engaged in the case and are duly rewarded for your initial involvement as well as any ongoing contributions you make.

By fostering this cooperative spirit, we aim to create a mutually beneficial relationship that maximizes the potential for success in every legal matter we undertake.

Proven Track Record

Our attorneys are seasoned in going up against powerful adversaries, including federal prosecutors and specialized legal teams. Our firm’s robust approach and strategic planning have helped us become a formidable defense force in the courtroom. We understand the importance of thorough preparation and leverage our experience to provide our clients with the strongest possible defense. This ensures their rights are protected and their interests are safeguarded.

Learn About the Cases We Accept

At Cheronis & Parente, LLC, we are committed to excellence and the rigorous defense of our clients. By working together, we not only help your client navigate their legal challenges but also work collectively to achieve justice and favorable outcomes. For a better understanding of the cases we accept, please review our practice areas.

Are You Ready to Discuss a Referral?

If you are a potential reference attorney, we invite you to initiate a conversation with our team. Let’s explore how we can assist your clients with the utmost professionalism and skilled legal representation. From their initial consultation until their case status is dismissed.

Together, we can make a significant impact. Trust us to extend the highest standard of criminal defense to your referrals.

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Client Testimonials

Real Cases — Real People — Real Results

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Easy to work with – and hard to work against. A veteran of many high profile federal and state cases, clients are often surprised by how approachable they find Damon. But having seen him at trial dozens of times over the years, I can attest to his powerful motions practice, ability to conduct relentless cross-examinations, and give moving openings/closings. With personal and professional qualities that make him easy to work with – and hard to work against – anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney would be in great hands with Damon Cheronis.

Andy B. Chicago, IL

A lawyer who truly cares and listens to his clients. Damon, is a lawyer who truly cares and listens to his clients. He was totally prepared for the case so he was never surprised by the prosecutions evidence or arguments. He and was able to put the prosecutors in a defensive mode. He was by far the best attorney in the court room. I would highly recommend him to everyone.

John D. Chicago, IL

More than just and attorney! Very professional, always pays attention to detail and hungry to fight for his clients. The price I paid does come close to how hard he works. More than just and attorney! I definitely would recommend Damon to anyone I knew who needed a good attorney.

Ashley C. Chicago, IL