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October 2015 Archives

Search warrants and methods might provide points for your defense

A defendant who is facing drug charges or any other criminal charges must take the time to explore all possible defense options. In the case of criminal charges that result from a search or seizure, scrutinizing the circumstances of the search and seizure might open up a defense option. As we discussed in our previous blog, your reasonable expectation of privacy is a factor if the police search you or seize items from you. There are other factors to consider, as well.

Expectation of privacy matters in search and seizure law

There are several components of the Fourth Amendment that Americans should be familiar with. Most are familiar with some of the protections that this amendment gives regarding the need for search warrants in many cases. There are, however, some finer points that you should know. One of these is how the expectation of privacy affects your rights.

Fight against felony charges to avoid the felony label

It is no secret that people who face criminal charges in federal court face an uphill battle. For some people, the effects of charges that are placed against them in federal court follow them around for life. Think about the effects of a felony conviction. Felons lose some of their rights, such as the right to bear arms and the right to vote. Of course, those consequences aren't absolute.

Nonviolent drug convictions might see lighter sentences

A travesty has been occurring in the criminal justice system. Some non-violent drug convictions have been subjected to minimum sentences that put them behind bars for much longer than many people felt was fair. A bipartisan bill in the Senate could rectify the unfair mandatory minimum sentences for people who meet certain criteria.

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