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Cheronis & Parente LLC is regarded as one of the most preeminent criminal defense firms in Chicago. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality representation to individuals charged with serious federal and state offenses.

Thus, our firm is comprised of trial lawyers, always willing to innovatively and fearlessly present even the most complex and challenging cases to a jury for our client’s betterment.

Our firm likewise is well known for employing an aggressive and creative motion practice to give its client every advantage when it comes time for trial. For those whose best interests require negotiating the best possible resolution short of trial, we know all too well that favorable dispositions are not something freely offered by federal or state prosecutors; rather, they are born from counsel’s reputation for trying cases and challenging the government, aggressively litigating discovery and pretrial motions, and otherwise relentlessly preparing the defense.

This firm is small by design. We are selective in the cases we take in order to ensure that all partners have their fingers on the pulse of each matter. Our clients include public officials, celebrities, lawyers, doctors, politicians and CEOs.

Our attorneys have a wealth of experience nationwide handling a wide variety of legal matters, focusing on trial work in federal white collar, corruption and violent drug crimes and their state corollaries, as well as appeals before the 7th Circuit and other U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals, Illinois Appellate Courts, and the Illinois Supreme Court, and in grand jury and other criminal investigations.

Unwavering Commitment To Clients

Our attorneys come to the office every day not only with the knowledge that our clients have entrusted us with their life, liberty and property, but also knowing well that we are all that stands between them and what often proves to be the most difficult and trying experience of their life.

That, in turn, gives us an acute awareness of the respect and trust our clients have placed in us. It motivates us to work tirelessly, to fight without reserve, and ultimately, to pursue every case as if our own livelihood is hung in the balance.

Learn More In A Consultation

Would you like to learn more about our law firm and how we can help you fight a criminal charge? We offer an initial consultation, which is your opportunity to ask us questions and get our insight into your options for moving forward.

Our experience enables us to take on even the most serious criminal defense cases, including those involving complex white collar crimes and violent crimes like homicide.

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Client Testimonials

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Easy to work with – and hard to work against. A veteran of many high profile federal and state cases, clients are often surprised by how approachable they find Damon. But having seen him at trial dozens of times over the years, I can attest to his powerful motions practice, ability to conduct relentless cross-examinations, and give moving openings/closings. With personal and professional qualities that make him easy to work with – and hard to work against – anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney would be in great hands with Damon Cheronis.

Andy B. Chicago, IL

A lawyer who truly cares and listens to his clients. Damon, is a lawyer who truly cares and listens to his clients. He was totally prepared for the case so he was never surprised by the prosecutions evidence or arguments. He and was able to put the prosecutors in a defensive mode. He was by far the best attorney in the court room. I would highly recommend him to everyone.

John D. Chicago, IL

More than just and attorney! Very professional, always pays attention to detail and hungry to fight for his clients. The price I paid does come close to how hard he works. More than just and attorney! I definitely would recommend Damon to anyone I knew who needed a good attorney.

Ashley C. Chicago, IL