Are You Being Investigated For A Crime?

Law enforcement will not necessarily announce to you that you are being investigated for a crime, nor do they have to. In fact, in federal criminal cases, the FBI, DEA and other agencies may engage in wiretapping and other efforts to gather evidence for weeks, months or even years before making contact with the suspect. Even when law enforcement discusses a case with the target of an investigation, they may tell the target that he or she is not a suspect.

To be on the safe side, you should always assume you are being investigated if the police or another law enforcement agency wants to question you. Invoke your right to remain silent. Invoke your right to counsel. If the investigators want to look around your residence or your business, make sure they have a warrant. Do not simply allow your rights to be violated.

If You Are Under Investigation

Overconfidence is the downfall of many. They think that they can talk to law enforcement without saying anything that can be used against them, and then they are surprised that something they said is twisted and used to get a conviction. They think that they can let law enforcement look around without a warrant because there is nothing to find, and then they are surprised when something is found. This can often be avoided.

Think of this as a competition. In any competition, would you allow your opponent to get a head start? Of course not. The same holds true in a criminal defense case, except the stakes are likely higher than any other competition you have engaged in. Your entire future may be on the line here. Do not assume that everything will be okay. Enlist an experienced lawyer to protect your rights from the very start and begin building your case.

At Cheronis & Parente LLC in Chicago, we want you to understand just how much we can accomplish if you get our attorneys involved during the investigation stage instead of waiting until you are charged. First of all, we will be able to match our opponents step by step, building a case that will put you in the best possible position in the event you are charged, rather than having to catch up. Furthermore, early intervention may allow us opportunities to work with the prosecution to:

  • Minimize the charges against you
  • Keep charges in state court, rather than federal court
  • Prevent charges from being filed

For example, early intervention in a tax fraud case may allow us to negotiate with the IRS to resolve the matter with some sort of payment plan, avoiding criminal charges.

You Can Talk To Us

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