Fighting Drug Charges In State And Federal Court

Whether you are accused of felony or misdemeanor drug charges, do not underestimate the seriousness of the allegations. All types of drug charges expose you to criminal penalties and the collateral consequences that come with having a criminal record.

At Cheronis & Parente LLC in Chicago, you will find attorneys who are focused on criminal defense representation. This is the work we do day in and day out, meaning we have the depth of knowledge to take on even the most challenging drug crime cases in state or federal court.

Uncovering Flaws In The Prosecution’s Case

Do you think the case against you is strong? Remember, it is the prosecutor’s job to make it look that way. In reality, there may be flaws that could result in evidence being thrown out or your entire case being dismissed. For example, how was the initial arrest handled by police? If they failed to secure a proper search warrant or acted outside the search warrant terms, it could put a serious hole in the case against you.

Having handled these cases for years, we know how to uncover flaws in the prosecution’s charges. We will take great care to look for any violations of your rights. We will question the validity of drugs that were allegedly collected at the time of the arrest. We will challenge the validity of witness statements against you. We will evaluate every angle possible to limit the strength of the prosecution’s case against you.

Defending Against Felony And Misdemeanor Drug Charges

Just because you are facing drug charges in state or federal court does not mean you will be found guilty. The prosecution may not have enough evidence to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Even if the case against you truly is strong, you may have options such as counseling or treatment under the Drug Court Treatment Act.

Instead of treating every case the same, we carefully examine the evidence against our clients to understand what they are up against. We will work vigorously to help you through this, regardless of what drug crime you have been accused of. We fight charges of:

We fight charges involving all drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth and more. We also handle cases involving prescription drugs, including prescription fraud and possession of prescription drugs without a prescription.

Facing Drug Allegations? Contact Our Experienced Defense Lawyers.

If you are accused of committing a drug offense, do not believe that a conviction is inevitable. An experienced drug crime defense attorney will focus on uncovering any holes in the charges against you while analyzing how to get the evidence suppressed. We have done this for years. Call 312-386-7033 to schedule your initial consultation.