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Illinois man accused of drug sales

Being the subject of a police investigation can be very trying, especially if you have previous convictions on your record. Although officers may make their best efforts to conduct their inquiries fairly and objectively, sometimes mistakes are made and innocent people can come under suspicion. In Plano, Illinois a man has been charged with drug sales after alleged interactions with an undercover officer.

Search legality an important issue in cases involving drug crimes, continued...

In our last post, we began speaking about the process by which police searches are evaluated for legality. As we noted, the issue of search legality is an important one in various criminal cases, particularly those involving drug offenses. The first question is always whether a search was conducted. The key to that issue is whether the defendant had a reasonable expectation of privacy. Because of this requirement, police can sometimes legally gain access to very sensitive information without even conducting a "search."

Former Bears wide receiver pleads not guilty to drug charges

Our readers may have heard about the drug case against former Chicago Bears wide receiver David Terrell. The 35-year-old former Bears wide receiver was arrested in August after police received a report that there were several individuals smoking marijuana in public. Terrell, along with two others, was reportedly found in plain sight with materials used for packing and distributing narcotics.

South Side gang members charged with conspiracy

Last week, nine individuals—allegedly members of the South Side street gang known as “Hobos”—were arrested on federal racketeering conspiracy charges as part of an effort by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to buckle down on gang activity in Chicago. According to prosecutors, the Hobos have used violence to protect their drug business.

Former Bears receiver hit with marijuana charge

David Terrell, former receiver for the Chicago Bears, was charged with battery and marijuana charges in Chicago last month. Officer reportedly arrested Terrell after they received a report of people smoking marijuana in public. Terrell and two others were reportedly caught in plain sight with materials for packaging and distributing narcotics.

Circuit judge charged in drug scandal

St. Clair County Circuit Judge Michael Cook recently became embroiled in a scandal when he was arrested and charged with federal drug-related charges in connection to a drug case against Sean D. McGilvery, an accused drug dealer arrested last week for his supposed involvement in a drug scandal in St. Clair County. McGilvery has pleaded not guilty to charges of possession and distribution of heroin.

Police credit recovery firearms to increased enforcement efforts

According to Chicago Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy, over 2,660 illegal firearms have been recovered so far in 2013 because of police efforts to protect public safety. The number of guns recovered is apparently not keeping up with the overall improvement in crime, which is significantly down this year.


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