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ON BEHALF OF CHERONIS & PARENTE LLC   /   February 14, 2014

Chicago area man facing marijuana possession charge

Possessing illegal drugs in Illinois can result in serious criminal charges. A recent drug case is an example of the criminal charges individuals can face for being in possession of illegal drugs like marijuana. 

A local man was recently arrested by Chicago police after they claim they found almost $1 million of marijuana in the man’s residence. The young man arrested in the case was charged with possession of marijuana and was later released. While the man has only been charged with possessing two pounds of marijuana, a prosecutor said he could still face additional charges. 

The police said they found the drugs on the man after receiving a tip. The police said they saw the defendant attempting to distribute two pounds of marijuana, and reported that the defendant said he was paid to deliver the drugs. After that, the police said they found out the defendant had a large amount of illegal drugs in his home. They executed a search warrant and found 350 pounds of marijuana. 

The man has only been charged with possessing two pounds of marijuana but may face additional drug charges in the future. Either way, the man could face serious consequences if he is convicted of marijuana possession. Penalties for drug possession include time in prison and fines. 

Like this case shows, many drug cases rely on evidence obtained by police. Any evidence obtained illegally by police cannot be used in a drug case so it is important for defendants to understand their rights and make sure they consult a criminal defense attorney if they believe any evidence was obtained illegally. 

Source: Chicago Sun Times, “Nearly $1 million in marijuana found on Southwest side,” Job Seidel, Jan. 26, 2014

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