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Officers in Chicago must follow search and seizure laws

All too often, we hear of cases where a defendant pleads guilty to a drug charge, without first learning about the legal avenues that may have been available.

At the Law Offices of Damon M. Cheronis, we understand just how much a drug charge can impact a person’s life, even after he or she has served their time and paid their fines. For example, many employers are wary of hiring someone with a criminal record. This means a drug conviction could continue to harm someone’s employment opportunities for some time to come.

At our law firm, our focus is on criminal defense. Throughout the years of defending Chicago residents, we have come to find patterns and know what to look for when arguing for why drug charges should be reduced or dropped all together. 

One aspect we focus on is search and seizure. We want to know if police had a valid reason for searching someone’s car or home. This is very important, as police officers do not have the right to just walk into someone’s home or open their vehicle’s trunk and start snooping around. 

In general, search and seizure laws can be rather complex. However, if it can be shown that an officer illegally obtained evidence, without the proper search warrant, this can end up resulting in the evidence being dismissed.

Due to the important role that evidence plays in a criminal proceeding, it is highly recommended that those facing drug-related charges speak with an attorney as soon as charges are pressed. Even in cases where charges are yet to be pressed, but there is reason to believe an investigation is ongoing, know that it is never too early to contact an attorney.

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