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2 charged with drug crimes following apartment raid

On April 1, law enforcement authorities in Illinois stated that a large amount of marijuana and crack cocaine was recovered during a drug raid. The raid was carried out by a unit of the Evanston Police Department at an apartment located on the 2600 block of Central Street.

The raid was a result of an investigation into a group that was accused of selling drugs. Authorities reportedly recovered more than five pounds of marijuana, an estimated 40 grams of what was thought to be crack cocaine and approximately $4,000 in cash. The authorities also found drug packaging paraphernalia, including plastic baggies and a scale.

Two men and a woman were taken into custody following the raid. The 21-year-old woman was later released and was not charged. A 24-year-old man was facing a Class X Felony charge for cocaine distribution and a Class Felony for cocaine possession. The other accused man, age 23, was charged with a Class 1 Felony for marijuana distribution and a Class 2 Felony for possessing marijuana.

The state of Illinois imposes severe legal consequences on those who are convicted on drug trafficking charges. Depending on the circumstances, they could go to prison, have a criminal record that follows them for years and be assessed heavy fines. A criminal law attorney may defending clients against the accusations. For example, if a home was raided and there were multiple people living there, an attorney may potentially argue that the defendant was unaware of any drug activity going on in the home and therefore was not involved. Otherwise, the attorney may look for flaws or weak points in the prosecution’s case, especially if there is evidence that the authorities illegally searched the defendant’s car or residence.

Source: Evanston Patch, “5 Pounds Of Weed, 40 Grams Of Crack Found In Central Street Drug Raid: Police“, Jonah Meadows, April 2, 2017

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