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ON BEHALF OF CHERONIS & PARENTE LLC   /   December 24, 2019

Illinois man facing many drug charges after search of his home

Police in Dixon have placed a 67-year-old man in Lee County Jail on accusations of selling cocaine in the area. A news release from the Dixon Police Department named him as a suspect in a drug investigation. Investigators reported finding 30 grams of cocaine during a search of the man’s home located in the 200 block of Willett Avenue.

Law enforcement agents who searched the home claimed to find equipment associated with packaging cocaine for sale. After collecting this evidence, police arrested the man.

Because the evidence suggested drug trafficking, authorities have aimed multiple criminal charges at the man. He will have to answer in court for charges related to possession of a controlled substance as well as the intention of delivering the drugs to others.

When someone enters the criminal justice system, getting clear answers can be difficult. Prosecutors only want to push cases forward and win fast convictions. A consultation with a criminal defense attorney might allow a person to gain a better understanding of the severity of drug charges and how to create a defense strategy.

Legal representation might also improve a defendant’s ability to obtain release on bail. Going forward, an attorney might oppose actions by law enforcement that violated the person’s rights. This effort might jeopardize the validity of some evidence and weaken a prosecutor’s case. Depending on the circumstances, an attorney might build a defense strategy by questioning the legality of a search or challenging testimony provided by a criminal informant. Such actions might promote a lenient plea deal. If a case goes to trial, an attorney might strive to form a sympathetic jury and cast doubt on evidence.

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