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What The FBI Looks For In A Corporate Fraud Investigation

Corporate America is a multifaceted arena of entrepreneurs, investors and business owners participating in a global market. Taken as a whole, it sees billions of dollars change hands every day.

Alongside those dollars is information like transactions and trades. In the digital age, every record kept down to the time of day often has a cloud-based backup. When authorities suspect fraud in any industry, they often seek verification of these records through warrants for both physical and digital accounts of a business’s dealings. Knowing what authorities look for may help anyone facing these charges present the correct records in a defense.

FBI and corporate fraud

When the FBI takes the lead in an investigation involving corporate fraud, they focus on a few aspects:

  • Fraudulent trades to hide losses
  • Misuse of corporate property
  • Misrepresentation of financial conditions
  • Insider trading that rigs markets

Collaborating with other businesses and testimonies is one way of pursuing these investigations. However, corporate records provide hard evidence of whether a corporation or employee mishandled money or trust.

Warrants and documentation

Cooperation is a large part of an FBI investigation, and authorities may request dozens or hundreds of documents from your business dealings. However, it is important to know the difference between documents you can present to help your case and documents you must provide as a result of a warrant.

Getting a handle on an investigation early on may make the difference between allegations and convictions. There are resources to help you navigate the complex world of fraud investigations and federal oversight while protecting you and your business reputation.

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