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Can You Return To The Workforce After A White-Collar Crime?

Corporate criminal activity can cost you your career and leave you battling image issues. Your actions may cause others to lose trust in you which will harm your credibility.

As you prepare to settle the consequences you face for your involvement in a white-collar crime, you might wonder if you will be able to return to the workforce.

Satisfying legal repercussions

Depending on your level of involvement, the consequences you face could range from mild to severe. According to the FBI, white-collar crimes include the following:

  • Falsification of financial information
  • Self-dealing
  • Health care fraud
  • Accounting schemes
  • Obstruction of justice

Because these types of crimes have many victims from consumers to investors, lawmakers take consequences seriously.

Finding a job

Even if you spend time behind bars, you can seek ways to maintain your skills and improve your life. For example, you could inquire about therapy to help you address personal problems and perhaps uncover the weakness that resulted in your criminal actions. You can also seek opportunities to further your education.

Upon your release, you cannot expect to find a job that matches the caliber of your former job. You will need to gradually work your way back up. You might start with a simple job and keep your focus on improving your reputation.

Rebuilding credibility

It will take time to rebuild your credibility with other professionals. During this time, focus on what you can control and on doing good things for the people around you. The effort you make to improve others’ lives can make a difference in how others view you.

Despite the looming doom of a white collar crime charge, it does not have to be the end of the world. Your diligence in making restitution for your actions can facilitate healing and provide opportunities for growth.

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