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ON BEHALF OF CHERONIS & PARENTE LLC   /   October 16, 2014

Plea offers in cocaine cases

Authorities put a lot of effort into getting convictions in cocaine cases. One tactic prosecutors sometimes use to try to secure convictions in cases involving cocaine possession charges or other charges related to cocaine is to offer the defendant a plea deal containing promises to drop or reduce certain charges, make recommendations for lower sentencing or provide other leniency in exchange for a guilty plea.

There are many factors it can be important to keep in mind when it comes to the decision of whether or not to accept a plea deal that has been offered by prosecutors in a cocaine case. One of the obvious ones is what the difference is between the type of legal punishments a person could face if they accepted the plea deal and those they would face if they had the case go to trial and were found guilty.

Another is what impacts a defendant could face beyond just the legal consequences if they were to accept the plea deal. Pleading guilty to a cocaine offense can have a variety of long-term consequences for an individual, such as impacting how likely they are to be hired by potential employers in the future.

Another thing that can be an important point of consideration is the strength of the prosecutor’s case, as this can impact what the likelihood would be of a defendant being found guilty at trial. Things that can impact how strong a prosecution case is include: how much evidence the prosecution has, the quality of the prosecution’s evidence, the reliability/accuracy of the prosecution’s evidence and whether there are any questions as to whether the prosecution’s evidence was obtained in a proper manner.

The decision of whether or not to accept a plea deal in a cocaine case can have considerable effects on a defendant’s life and future. Thus, it can be vital to be properly informed of all the different sorts of important considerations when making this decision.

Our firm understands how important having the right information can be for a defendant when it comes to making any impactful decision, such as a plea decision, in a cocaine crime case. We are committed to giving our drug crime defense clients high-quality guidance and advice throughout the criminal defense process. 

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